Collection: Press Release Writing Service for the Entertainment Industry.

A well-written press release is clear, direct, and communicates a great deal in a very little amount of space. It will be tailored to a special audience, such as trade magazines, local media, or potential partners. 

If you are an actor, filmmaker, model, or writer who wants to announce a new project, then a professionally written press release is the right way to go. 

You can give the topic and the correct angle for your press release, or we can help you to create one that most accurately outline your project or your career. We also offer Press Release distribution services at an extra cost.  

We are experienced, professional American writers who will provide an amazing press with minimal hassle.  

We are providing a few press release packages you can choose from.

While quality writing is extremely crucial in a successful press release, it’s not the only thing that matters. Identifying the news, setting up a distribution network, managing relations with the media, and many other aspects effect how much attention a press release gets. Of course, adding these and other details to the press release service, adds to the overall package, and therefore the cost of the service. Here are some services that may be worth the extra money for you.

  • Creating and maintaining a media kit. Journalists are working 24/7, and prefer contacts who don't make them work harder than usual. A media kit with bios and head shots, or company history, and other essential information can increase your odds of excellent coverage.
  • Additional complexity. Sometimes, a press release includes simple project information that can be gathered in a single conversation. Other times, it may be necessary to have interviews involving multiple parties in order to identify the correct angle, find the right quotes, and put it all together in a professional manner. Loads of interviews and research add complexity, and the more complexity, the more expensive it will be.
  • SEO optimization. Press releases provide SEO value in at least two ways, even when there is a lack of optimization. First, when published to the site, they add content. Google loves content. Second, they produce inbound links when picked up by bloggers, media, and news streams. Deliberate SEO optimization can increase these benefits and may include keyword research, strategic incorporation of keywords, and inbound link generation.
  • Distribution. The more complex the distribution, the higher your cost will increase. We can help you to keep distribution costs low by doing channel research internally, and providing a list of media you want to target.
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  • Four Professional Articles. Writing and Distribution To 50 High PR Articles Submission Sites
    Four Professional Articles. Writing and Distribution To 50 High PR Articles Submission Sites
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  • Ten Articles. Writing and Distribution Package
    Ten Articles. Writing and Distribution Package
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  • Basic Professional Press Release Writing Service
    Basic Professional Press Release Writing Service
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