8 Pages Design Professional Press Kit Sale $250
8 Pages Design Professional Press Kit Sale $250

8 Pages Design Professional Press Kit Sale $250

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One of the biggest errors actors make is ignoring the importance of having a press kit. A press kit is necessary for many reasons. It advertises you to agencies and helps your career grow, by showcasing your achievements and work.

A press kit is made up of images, media, article clippings, and anything else that displays your work. Press kits are electronic now – in PDF or micro-site form. They should be easy to read and easy to send to anyone you're targeting.

We can help you prepare an amazing digital press kit so you can showcase your talent the right way. 

8 Pages Design- Professional color Scheme- Supreme Design- PDF, JPG + 3d mockup


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Our Digital Press Kit includes the following:

  1. Images.One of the most important things for your press kit is pictures. They show off your presence, whether on a red carpet, a headshot, or a production shot. You need to include them. 
  2. Articles.Collecting blog posts or articles for the press kit. If you have no articles specifically about you, you can attach articles that have been written about a project that you've been a part of. 
  3. Current Projects.Are you currently filming? Are you a student with a highly acclaimed acting coach? What's your next step? In this section, include your current projects and update them as new projects come about. It's important to show that you're working, or perfecting your craft through classes. 
  4. Charity Work.In both real life and in Hollywood, people tend to forget the importance of charity. Charity work is impressive because it showcases your ability to perform the “balancing act” of rushing to auditions, attending red carpets, and giving back to the community. Also, in Hollywood, there are a lot of big names attached to charities. It might also help you with networking or small talk with an executive, attached to the same charity. 
  5. Website.As you probably know, websites mean a lot. You need people to find you and contact you. Displaying contact information on both a press kit and a website is vital. Whether it's an email or a phone number, you need people to be able to find you without digging through your information. Make sure your contact information is not only displayed at the top, but also there's another designated section for the contact.
  6. Social Media.The social media section is meant to display that you are communicative on all types of outlets. It also, depending on your behavior, can showcase the type of material you send out into the web world. it's best to start making it strong, by using it to progress your career, not damage it.
  7. Biography.This should include a brief summary of your career and life, fill it with big moments and paint a picture of how you got to where you are and what you aspire to be. the life of William Shakespeare. Illustrate to the reader what it is that keeps you motivated.
  8. Endorsements/Sponsorships.Even if it's just from a friend's new clothing brand, include that information here. Agents and publicists work to enhance your brand, whether it's by booking you work or making you more appealing to the public, so this information will show that you're marketable without a publicist or agent. You've secured your own brand endorsement. 

What resources do i have to provide you to start the design?

I need editable text copy in a word document, High-Resolution Images, High-resolution logo file in jpeg or png or pdf or eps format and contact information.

What are print ready file?

Print Ready Files are 300 dpi high-resolution file.

How many revisions do I get when placing an order?

We  offer free unlimited revisions. Your complete satisfaction is our main priority. We are ready to work with you on the project till you are completely pleased with the final result.



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