Social Media Listening Using The Latest Technology!  Sale $950

Social Media Listening Using The Latest Technology! Sale $950

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If you choose to purchase the Standard Package we will:

  • Use a unique composed window from our social media tool to allow you to preview your posts in real time as you create them.
  • Add some metadata such as location
  • Do Light Audience Targeting for Facebook
  • Add and monitor 10 Social Media Profiles
  • Use the Social Inbox to scan through your Social Media Mentions efficiently by replying, archiving, or delegating to a fellow team member
  • Take advantage of the latest Social Media Listening and Artificial Intelligence to track digital trends and patterns online. This will help you figure out what kind of content is relevant, so that you know what to post on your Social Media profile
  • Publish your Social Media Content for Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Pages, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Offer you unlimited Social Media Reports to determine how well specific content works on each of your Social Media Platforms. This also helps you find out what type of content is useful or useless
  • Set up automated moderation rules for social comments, mentions, or messages to tag
  • Utilize Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to show you the profile information and private notes, about every single user in your Fans & Followers Tab. This also allows us to integrate all of your Social Media Channels into CRM Platforms, so that your customers can interact with you, your brand, or your business more easily


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